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Australian chef who killed self after dismembering, boiling wife in a pot mourned by family

An Australian chef who killed himself after cutting up his transgender wife and boiling her body parts in a pot was memorialized during a funeral to the song “Killer Queen.”

Some 250 family and friends said their goodbyes to Marcus Volke as rock songs like “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd played Thursday afternoon in Ballarat, Australia, according to the Herald Sun.

Tearful mourners reportedly described 28-year-old Volke as “loving, loyal and caring” without mentioning the murder of his partner, Mayang Prasetyo, according to the Melbourne news outlet.

Volke killed 27-year-old Prasetyo in their Brisbane apartment last week in what was most likely a domestic dispute gone awry, homicide detective Sergeant Tom Armitt told the Brisbane Times.

The trained chef then tried to dispose of the body through such unusual means possibly because of his experience cooking different kinds of meat, the Brisbane paper reported.


Each main Legend of Korra villain represents a different political ideology.

Even the more minor villains like Varrick (who is not always necessarily a villain) and the Earth Queen represent ideologies as well:  Capitalism and Monarchy, respectively.

i wouldnt say aman (however tf you spell it) was communist. i never picked up on any communist ideologies. he just didnt like the idea of someone having too much power, and (if i remember correctly) never talked about anything economical

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Ok…😂this twitter user is killing the reverse oppression/misandry game

By killing misandry i think you mean enforcing it since she’s clearly acting like men are always abusers and women are always victims. Which is, you know, sexist.

Dear shitlord,

I know trolls gon troll, but pls repeat after me: “there is no such thing as fucking misandry or reverse sexism or reverse racism or reverse oppression and any MRA who says they exist is an insecure douchebag with a microscopic penis”

PS: →this post is for YOU. Feel free to reblog the hell out of it

Oh yeah, and this one too

Awwww you cutie you, you’re trying to act all though when you don’t know shit and are blind to reality! Should I pop your bubble or should i let you be cradled in the arms of your little sugar momma called feminism who breastfeeds you bullshit every day at ten?

Let me reply by immitating your tone (i.e. act like a seven year old who just found out that if they throw a tantrum they get what they want)

Dear pathetic excuse of a blissful moron stuck in their own fantasy where women have no state or form of power and hide their misogynistic views behind “the patriarchy” 

I know dumbasses who think anyone with a different opinion is an mra and a troll are going to be the dumbest fucks you could ever come across, but repeat after me: “In law, men are discriminated in 20 nameable ways in which women get a free pass, women have 4 more rights than men, society and law purposefully ignores male victims of domestic abuse (that women get away with), In general, issues men face are ignored, feminists use the pay gap as an excuse when it isn’t even real in the way thexy are claiming it is.

And finally, just for you, here is a list of the reasons why, yes, we should be thinking about men’s rights.

Oh, by the waaaaay, insulting someone’s pride and body shaming them simply because you refuse to see you’re fucking wrong is real, real mature. (“we need more positive body image for girls” (later) “anyone who disagrees with me is insecure and has a tiny penis”)

And that’s right. Reverse racism isn’t real. It’s called racism. What the fuck does “reverse oppression” fucking mean that makes no goddamn sense. That book literally says “women are weak and can’t do shit” and you agree with that? wow. Way to go, that’s like the most mosigynistic thing i’ve heard today, and it came from you.

Mmm, logical beatdown!

Did that fuckshit odinsblog respond? Didn’t think so.

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